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The customer gives their consent for Lodging, a representative of the latter or a verbal agent, or any governmental authority, including customs, to open and inspect their shipment at any time.


The delivery times indicated in the information provided by Lodging do not include weekends or public holidays, nor delays caused by customs or other events beyond our control. The itinerary and the method chosen to transport your shipment shall be exclusively at the discretion of Lodging.


The customer designates either Lodging or the courier company booked online as their representative for the sole purpose of the clearance of their shipment by customs and, likewise, recognises them as the consignee for the purpose of designating a customs agent to perform the clearance and entry of their shipment if this task is subcontracted. If a customs authority requires additional documentation to confirm the import/export declaration or the status of Lodging or the courier company with respect to customs clearance, it is the customer's responsibility to provide the required documentation and at their own expense.

The customer certifies that all the declarations and information that they have provided regarding the export and import of the shipment are true and correct. Likewise, they recognise and assume that any false or fraudulent statements about the shipment or any of its contents shall make them liable to a civil claim and, where appropriate, to criminal charges, during which the confiscation and sale of the goods may be agreed upon. Lodging may voluntarily assist the customer in how to complete the required customs documentation, on the understanding that such collaboration is provided under the customer's full liability. The customer holds Lodging harmless from any liability and, where appropriate, agrees to compensate the company as a result of any claim which may be filed against Lodging due to the information that the customer has provided. They shall also be responsible for the costs which Lodging may incur in relation to the foregoing and, likewise, shall pay any administrative fees charged by Lodging for providing the services described in this article.

Any customs-related fines, taxes, storage fees or other expenses which Lodging must pay as a result of the actions carried out by the customs or administrative authorities, or due to the customer not having provided the appropriate documentation and/or not having obtained the necessary licence or permit, shall be at the expense of the customer, who agrees to pay them together with the related administrative fees and any extra costs incurred by Lodging on the customer's behalf.

Lodging is not responsible for delays, losses or damages due to intervention by customs agents or other government authorities.