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  • A baggage that will go through a customs clearance can generate customs taxes and withholdings on its shipments. We are going to try that this does not happen. Follow our instructions well. Before sending a baggage, find out which goods are prohibited or with access not allowed in the destination country.
  • For any other type of shipment that is not a suitcase with personal belongings, you should keep in mind that you will need an ATA notebook. This notebook must request it and manage it in the Chamber of Commerce. It is very important to attach this notebook to the shipping documentation. If this documentation is not included with the remaining documentation of the shipment, it may affect the delivery times and generate some customs surcharges that must be addressed in order to follow the shipping process.
  • The declaration of the contents by bag / suitcase must be exact to the actual content inside the suitcase and show what your baggage is, not a shipment of commercial use.
  • All Countries have a maximum cost of the declared value per package that does not generate taxes. So that your shipment does not generate such costs, find out what is the maximum value to declare per package in the destination customs office of the country (more info / View PDF ).
  • Please note that you must take care of the generated Customs taxes. In case of not doing so, these will be returned to source, applying the costs for the return charges of the carrier.
  • Non-commercial invoice or content declaration
    • It is a document that must accompany each package / bag in all shipments to a country outside the EU (not of documents) with the declaration of contents
    • The authorizations use the NO commercial invoice or declaration of contents, to verify the details of the expedition.
    • Some countries request specific requirements regarding the format or content of this type of invoice or declaration. They should ask if there is any special text or clause that should be included in the NO commercial invoice.
  • ATA notebook, in case of luggage that does not contain personal belongings.
  • Photocopy of IDA and FLIGHT airline tickets
  • If your destination is a hotel, copy the reservation.